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1975 Birmingham Vulcans

Blue jerseys made same shade of blue as 1974 Americans jerseys.
Removed PABs from pants.
Belts were white.
Added second blue jersey with abbreviated sleeve stripes.
Abbreviated stripes on second white jersey.

(Photos of game-worn jerseys provided by contributor Mark Hayne)




1974 Birmingham Americans

Added mesh versions of both jerseys with no number outlines and sleeve stripes that are abbreviated.
All jerseys are v-neck.
Removed outline on all NOBs.
Darkened blue on white jerseys with full sleeve stripes.

(Game worn jersey photos provided from the collection of contributor Mark Hayne)



Friday, July 8, 2016

1974-75 World Football League - All teams

For the sake of the GUD's consistency, as the NFL changed for the 1974 season from the double-bar facemask to the first 'cage-style' facemask, the entire WFL has been altered to include the same style facemasks.

Also, teams with the broad central helmet stripe will now reflect that feature more prominently.



1975 Portland Thunder

1975 Thunder wore non-separated helmet stripes (as for the 1974 team) in the preseason only (1 game) and switched to separated helmet stripes for the regular season.
The pants for both pre- and regular seasons did NOT have the same striping pattern as the 1974 team. Stripes featured wide outer white stripes and a much thinner central green stripe.

7/12/75 - Birmingham vs Portland
8/9/75 - Hawaiians @ Portland



1974 Portland Storm

Courtesy of Leo Strawn...

The helmet logos of the 1974 Storm always have blue in the upper left portion of the logo on both sides of the helmets.

1974 NY Stars vs Portland Storm

1974 Philadelphia Bell vs Portland Storm



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